Yoga for Sexual Wellness

Six Month Cocoon of Sexual Alchemy

We use gentle yogic tools, coupled with psychology, philosophy & inner work to support you into the highest, most embodied version of your sexuality. Watch the video --> to learn more and take a virtual tour inside Yoga for Sexual Wellness. 

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Julia - Artist, Healer, Yogini

"The Yoga for Sexual Wellness course work brings me to my soul. The approach isn't about having better sex, that's just the result of all the practices. From Egyptian meditation, to Yoga Nidra, to being brave enough to feel your body and know what turns you on. I really appreciate the attitude of curiosity that Emily brings to this and that it's a 'No Shame' zone - that was a HUGE piece for me. I didn't feel any pressure or pushing, it was always an invitation, so I could go back to practices when I was ready. Thank you, Emily, for the safe space your create and for your curiosity, enthusiasm, and joy."

Sandy - Sales Professional

"I have learned that your choice of teacher can make or break your experience.  When I first began I injured my shoulder so have been cautious in my practice. Working with Emily gives me the assurance that I’m doing poses correctly and safely.  Her knowledge of the physical body is amazingly proficient but her ability to guide you to the purpose of the pose through a detailed instruction is meditative.  So great for your body and your spirit. She is inspirational and we love her!"


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Yoga for Sexual Wellness 6 Month Cocoon

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