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"The Yoga for Sexual Wellness course work brings me to my soul. The approach isn't about having better sex, that's just the result of all the practices. From Egyptian meditation, to Yoga Nidra, to being brave enough to feel your body and know what turns you on. I really appreciate the attitude of curiosity that Emily brings to this and that it's a 'No Shame' zone - that was a HUGE piece for me. I didn't feel any pressure or pushing, it was always an invitation, so I could go back to practices when I was ready. Thank you, Emily, for the safe space you create and for your curiosity, enthusiasm, and joy."


 [A woman (with no trauma history) who desired better sexual connection with her partner but felt disconnected from her body and didn't even know she had a sexual self]

“The YSW coursework helped open my awareness to the depth of what is involved with my sexual experiences --with my partner, my identity and feelings as a sexual female, and my connection with my body.  It also opened my awareness to what I can harness as a sexual female. I knew sex and sexuality could be complicated and I certainly knew they felt confusing for me - Emily Davies was able to cultivate a safe space, and convey a balance of education, support/empowerment, exploration, and feedback that helped me connect with my sexual self.”

Hi, I'm Emily...

I am wildly passionate about supporting women into a sense of agency with their pleasure and their body's wellness using yoga. With the work I do, I have woven my educational & professional backgrounds with my passion for holistic wellness into a pathway for women to embrace and embody the most authentic, vital, and empowered version of their sexuality.  I've been a yogi for over 16 years, a yoga teacher for over 9 years, and for the last few years I've supported the modern sexual experience of women. Join my free, 3-part series 'Revel in Your Pleasure' to sink deeper into your sexuality and orgasmic potential.  Thank you for visiting!