We Help Women Heal, Empower, and Awaken their Inner Sexual Goddess through Yoga

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We Help Women Heal, Empower, and Awaken their Inner Sex Goddess through Yoga

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{Re}Claim the Spirit of your Sexuality

Our mind-body-spirit approach bridges the missing link in embodying your sovereign sexual self.

 Yoga asana for a building a strong sensory connection to your pelvic floor & sex organs.


Not all yoga is created equal! Use asana designed specifically for the modern woman to release tension and pain, strengthen the pelvic floor, increase sensation and pleasure during sex, and move sexual energy through your body for your own healing. Our classes are trauma-informed and ease you into a more subtly refined mind-body-sex connection.

 Merge the Heart & the Sex to Live more sensually embodied.


"You must come in through the house (heart) to get to the garden (sex)." Figure out what this marriage between heart & sex really feels like. Sink in deep through meditation and journal practices designed to shed the layers and remove any trauma or baggage associated with your sex. Step into a clear, confident self. 

 Spiritually Aligned, Grounded, and Connected.


Make sex the most spiritual part of your life. Overcome any guilt or lingering shame holding you back from activating your own sex magic. Your orgasmic sensation is a direct contact with Source energy. Sinking into your own spiritual and energetic alignment will help you become clear on your YES's and your NO's. Learn to communicate boundaries with no self-limitation.

Learning to Feel the Pelvic Floor...

  • Takes time
  • Takes courage
  • Takes patience
  • Takes practice

When we can awaken our neurophysical connection to the pelvic floor, the metaphor is also true - we are allowing ourselves to "see" root causes that prevent the free flow of energy, blood, water, self-love and pleasure. 

With practice, patience, and breath we can welcome a total transformation of the sexual self into our wildest, most embodied, most expressed, creative version living a pleasure-driven life.


Meet your instructor...

I'm Emily, yogini and Creatress of Yoga for Sexual Wellness. For years women felt unsafe embodying their wild, connected, sensual self. It's time to come out of hiding! Be a part of a world where women embrace the true, spiritual nature of their sexuality - and feel empowered through their sensuality!

I spent more than 10 years on my meditation and yoga journey before embracing the spiritual roots of my sexuality. (You don't have to wait any longer - that's why you found my page!) 

More about me

“The YSW coursework helped open my awareness to the depth of what is involved with my sexual experiences --with my partner, my identity and feelings as a sexual female, and my connection with my body.  It also opened my awareness to what I can harness as a sexual female. I knew sex and sexuality could be complicated and I certainly knew they felt confusing for me - Emily Davies was able to cultivate a safe space, and convey a balance of education, support/empowerment, exploration, and feedback that helped me connect with my sexual self.”



Mental Health Professional

Are you ready to become sexually embodied and sexually expressed?

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What to expect:

On day 1: Four Keys to Unlocking Your Orgasmic Pleasure (Lecture, 30 minutes)

On day 3: Yoga Asana for Sensual Awakening (Discussion & movement, 90 minutes)

On day 5: Make sex the most spiritual part of your life (Discussion & meditation, 30 minutes)

+ bonus practices!


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